Uganda: Building a national platform for Landcare stewardship

Contributed by: Mathias Wakulira, Fancis Byekwaso & Joy Tukahirwa  – Uganda Landcare Network


Since its inception in 2014, the Uganda Landcare Network (ULN) has enjoyed numerous successes. By coordinating its efforts among Landcare chapters at district and community levels it has provided a common voice for the promotion of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) technologies. You’ll also be able to see how many words you’ve written in how many entries over how many days, in the form of milestones; Some of the achievements include:





Photo: Landcare International Chair, Dennis Garrity, visiting Landcare Uganda groups



  • Increase in adoption of SLM which has translated to three to fourfold increase in crop yields and animal produce (milk)
  • Implementation of the landcare model at local and community landscapes that has restored degraded lands
  • Enhanced cohesion and networking among platforms responding to ULN mobilization, accompanied by regular exchange visits, farmer-driven mentoring, coaching sessions, collective action, social learning and implementation of the African Master TreeGrower Network
  • Visible inclusive dynamics in Landcare platforms involving men, women, youth and other marginalized groups
  • Introduction of a vibrant Junior landcare program comprising of empowered youth practicing and advocating for landcare
  • Creation of open-space learning through internship and student opportunities, that harness available potentials in the community during project implementation phases
  • Building capacity of champion farmers, as well as providing visibility and a voice to their great achievements, that increases their sense of local identity, pride, confidence, achievement and belonging
  • Development of dynamic social relationships and cohesion between government officers, researchers, private sector, NGO’s and farmers, towards regular dialogue, planning and joint project implementation
  • Creation of markets for nature-based enterprises especially apiary, fruit and tree farming
  • Protection of natural resources across the country that has translated to increased tourism


Great partnerships have also been developed in a bid to strengthen ULN’s legitimacy and authenticity, at both national and international levels, including Government Ministries, Universities, NGO’s, and programmes such as: Sasakawa 2000; REDD+ Uganda; Uganda Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (UFAAS) and Landcare Networks such as Australia Landcare International (ALI). Having individual chapters with low or no funding could not allow the concept of Landcare to be disseminated widely and fast. The formation of ULN therefore as a national programme has added value to district platforms, creating wider networks, ensured more visibility, stronger voice and more funding for scaling Landcare innovations. Uganda Landcare Network website:.