Landcare International

20151108-Support-from-GIZ-for-the-revegetation-activitiesLandcare International (LI) was established in 2004 as a professional association of individuals and institutions) committed to the principles, philosophy and practices of Landcare, to champion and raise the visibility of the Landcare movement at the global level, and the need to further spread adoption of the Landcare approach. Administrative work for LI is performed by a virtual Landcare International Facilitation Unit (LIFU), hosted by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Nairobi, Kenya. LI aims to enhance worldwide recognition and adoption of the Landcare approach as a viable model for conserving the environment and natural resources, effective public–private partnerships, and authentic stakeholder participation in community action and decision making. LI supports research, training, and the collection, dissemination and adoption of knowledge relevant to Landcare, international coordination of peer-to-peer learning, and sponsorship of educational exchange activities among Landcare participants. Specifically, LI aims to:

  • Build a supportive global network that draws together Landcare participants to learn from each other through information exchange, people exchanges, peer-to-peer learning, regular conferences and training workshops, thereby encouraging national Landcare initiatives.
  • Facilitate access to and extension of research and development, and relevant science and technology innovations.
  • Establish and maintain a lessons-learned database of Landcare successes.
  • Broker and mobilize financial resources to facilitate strategic investments in Landcare.
  • Promote guiding values associated with the Landcare philosophy.
  • Facilitate multi-level and multi-sectoral relationships within national Landcare projects and activities.
  • Assist with the development of Landcare in interested countries.

Landcare International is chaired by Dr Dennis Garrity and has members from many parts of the globe. It holds quarterly teleconferences and releases a quarterly e-newsletter to share Landcare stories from different countries. LI also promotes Landcare at international events such as conferences and UN convention events. Individual members of LI and its partners assist people in many countries establish their Landcare programs and activities. A number of LI members volunteered their time to facilitate a Master Class in Uganda. LI is also advocating for an international year of Landcare.

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African Landcare Network

20151108-Tree-Planting-Bukavu-DRCThe African Landcare Network (ALN) is a network of individuals, institutions, government and non-government organizations that are committed to champion the Landcare approach in Africa. The ALN is supported and chaired by LandCare South Africa through their national Department of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries and the secretariat support comes through the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

The Government of South Africa pioneered the development of LandCare in Africa in 1997. In 2003, Uganda piloted LandCare at three districts with apparent success. In 2005, Tanzania and Kenya followed by initially building national capacity for implementing LandCare. Several other African states such as Ethiopia, Rwanda and Nigeria had also expressed interest, and requested information and support for developing LandCare. It is for this reason that the African LandCare Network (ALN) was pursued, with the vision to promote the LandCare approach, as a community-based approach to resolving many environmental problems and poverty issues shared by most African countries.
The main goal of ALN is to build a network of country LandCare programmes across Africa, with the aim of supporting the delivery and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by:

  • Building a supportive African network that draws together LandCare initiatives to learn from each other through general information exchange, exchange visits, mentoring, conferences and training workshops;
  • Integrating LandCare into Africa-wide and sub-regional programmes;
  • Promoting knowledge generation through research of technical, institutional and policy innovations that enable further growth of LandCare practices;
  • Facilitating “knowledge to action” processes through knowledge and skills transfer and effective dissemination of research and development innovations;
  • Providing support for building the capacity of country LandCare teams and stakeholders for effective implementation of LandCare activities and projects;
  • Collecting and developing a database of LandCare success stories and best practices;
  • Partnership-building, linkaging, and mobilizing financial resources to facilitate strategic investments in LandCare; and
  • Creating buy-in among government structures for inclusion of LandCare in NRM policy.


Some information on ALN is available on the LI website: