Europe: Landcare Exchange Visits

Contributed by: Marie Kaerlein


The interconnection between landcare, rural development and local products was the focus of four exchange visits that were organized by Landcare Germany (DVL) this year. Twenty-eight participants from Landcare Associations and DVL visited European partners in Spain, Slovenia, Sweden and Scotland, courtesy of funding by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union,



Participants visiting a summer farm in Sweden



This provided an opportunity to gather new impressions, meet new people from other countries and other Landcare Associations, and gain some lessons learned for their work at home, for instance:

  • Stronger connection to local culture
  • Building a museum for the history of cultural landscapes
  • Focus more on landcare in forests, e.g. forest pastures
  • European funding should be bound to biodiversity and not based on area
  • Networks are important to reach common goals and sell local products
  • Pastures with sheep are more profitable in Spain and have a higher value in the society
  • Use of new technologies makes living a lot easier for shepherds
  • Sheep protection is also possible with donkeys
  • New ideas for environmental education
  • Marketing of wood and wool products as another source of income
  • Focus on vegetable gardens which also contribute to biodiversity in cultural landscapes
  • Diversification for farmers gets more important
  • Use of social media can be successful


Another exchange visit is being planned to Romania where participants will learn more about high value nature farming, local products and the conservation of cultural landscapes.

Visit the DVL website to learn more

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