Elim Landcare Project, South Africa

Elim project won the overall category for the best community LandCare project in South Africa. Environmentally; Area wide planning is well exercised at the community. They clear alien plants and Veld camps have been demarcated. The area has been designated the special management areas for game reserve. There is proper land use system for dams, water purification. They encourage all land users to use natural resources sustainably.

Economically; they generate income through sales from the dairy products and cattle. They have supplementary income from the sale of vegetables and livestock. Socially; the community receives subsidy from the project to pay rates or services. There are youth development projects. Employment is created for the people in order to supplement their income. Women and unemployed people receive calves and lambs to kick start them on the project. Diary provides milk. PARKS provided employment of 100 people, Working for Fire (33 people) and the clothing factory (12 people) provides job for employment. There are 46 commercial farmers in the project.