About Landcare International

KENYA Promoting Landcare principles in climate change adaptation and mitigation - Photo 2Landcare International is an association of individuals and institutions committed to the principles, philosophy and practices of Landcare. Landcare International champions Landcare at the global level. The body has the mission of enhancing worldwide recognition and adoption of the Landcare approach as a model for environmental and natural resource conservation and management, effective public-private partnerships and authentic stakeholder participation incommunity action and decision-making.

Landcare International supports:

  • The development of Landcare in interested countries;
  • Research, training, and the collection, dissemination and adoption of Landcare-relevant knowledge;
  • International co-ordination of peer-to-peer learning; and
  • Education exchange activities among Landcare participants.

Defining Landcare

Landcare is a community participation model based on voluntary groups of farmers and other committed people working together at a local level to address local issues. While objectives vary across the diversity of Landcare activities internationally, they usually centre on developing, sharing and implementing more sustainable ways of managing land and water resources, conserving biodiversity and creating sustainable livelihoods for local people.

20151108 Community participation in the revegetation activities near BukavuThe origins of Landcare began in 1986 in Australia and Germany as a result of community based collective action to address land degradation and natural resource management and conservation issues. Various government programs have since been developed and implemented to support local actions, in addition to private sector engagement in the Landcare model.

In changing landscapes, Landcare has become an important key driver in promoting sustainable management of environment and natural resources. Because it involves multi-sector stakeholders, Landcare has become different things to different people.

As a MOVEMENT … Landcare is a movement of local people that share knowledge about sustainable and profitable agriculture while conserving the environment and natural resources.

As an APPROACH … Landcare is an extension approach/method that rapidly and inexpensively disseminates sustainable farming practices among thousands of farmers based on the farmers’ innate interest in learning and sharing knowledge about new technologies that earn more money and conserve natural resources. This embodies three basic cornerstones: appropriate technologies, partnership building and institution building.

As a BODY OF KNOWLEDGE … Landcare is a set of appropriate land management practices to care for the land in a sustainable, economic and productive way.

As an ETHIC, a PHILOSOPHY … Landcare is an ethic, a philosophy that enables individuals and communities to approach agriculture in a mature and nurturing way to improve livelihoods.

Landcare aims

  1. 20151108 Community members in preparation for Tree PlantingBuild a supportive global network that draws together Landcare initiatives to learn from each other through information exchange, cross-visits and people exchanges, peer-to-peer learning, regular conferences, training workshops and encourage national Landcare initiatives
  2. Encourage research and development of relevant science and technology innovations appropriate to Landcare and facilitate access to this knowledge
  3. Promote and maintain a lessons learned database of Landcare successes
  4. Brokering and mobilizing financial resources to facilitate strategic investments in Landcare
  5. Promote guiding values associated with Landcare principles
  6. Facilitate multi-level and multi-sectorial relationships and stakeholder engagement within regional and national Landcare networks and activities
  7. Provide advocacy support for political engagement to support Landcare outcomes
  8. Assist in the development of Landcare in interested countries